100% Natural Baby Liquid Detergent | 3300ml
100% Natural Baby Liquid Detergent | 3300ml
100% Natural Baby Liquid Detergent | 3300ml
100% Natural Baby Liquid Detergent | 3300ml
100% Natural Baby Liquid Detergent | 3300ml
100% Natural Baby Liquid Detergent | 3300ml

100% Natural Baby Liquid Detergent | 3300ml

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  • 100 % NATURAL FORMULATION: We believe that your baby deserves the best care & protection! KIKGERM Baby Liquid Detergent is carefully formulated with 100% Natural Ingredients, Bio-Enzymes + Essential Oils and does not contain any harmful chemicals, FREE FROM PARABEN, SULFATE, PHOSPHATE & 98% BIODEGRADABLE with PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING.

  • PLANT-BASED PROTECTION: Enriched with goodness of Safe, Plant- Based Ingredients & Essential Oils that prevent skin irritation and are safe for babies delicate skin. It is formulated with gentle and effective care for your little ones. 

    • MALODOUR CONTROL & STAIN REMOVAL: Designed to remove Bad Odours, Tough Stain Removal, & Maintaining Colour of Clothes. An easy & etter way to deep clean your baby’s clothes without using any Harsh Chemicals. It Kik's OFF 99.99% Germs from the clothes.

    • SUITABLE FOR ALL CLOTHES: It is suitable for all types of clothes including White, Delicate & Coloured Clothes. The Hypoallergenic fragrance stays on clothes even after drying and gives New & Bright look.

    • EASY TO USE:  Pour Half Scoop or 25ml for Regular Load (3kg) & 1 Scoops or 50ml for Heavily Load (7kg) . For best results, Soak for 20 minutes in Warm Water then Wash & Rinse with Water.
      Suitable for Front Load and Top Load Machine Wash both & Bucket Wash.

    • FEATURES: Hypoallergenic Fragrance, Suitable for Delicate & Coloured Clothes, Bright & White Clothes, Malodor Control, Gentle on Your Baby’s Clothes, Zero-Tolerance Policy Towards GERMS, gives Deep Cleaning with No Signs of Residue & Dirt.

      🌿 100% Natural Formulation
    • 💧 Made With Natural Essential Oils
    • 🌸 Hypoallergenic Fragrance
    • ☁️ Gentle on Baby Clothes & Delicate Skin
    • 🥊 Removes Tough Stains & Malodour Control
    • Plastic-Free Packaging
    • 🚫 No Harmful Chemicals
    • 🐇Cruelty Free
    • 🦠 99.99% Germ Protection

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Kunti Yadav
    Best Baby liquid detergent

    This is one of the best investment I've made recently. It removes stain instantly, i use it for baby clothes as well as my toddler's clothes. Even the stain i thought would never go,vanished in 1 wash. It is soapy and has light smell.Super happy and will be buying again.

    Upasana Dixit
    Best for Kids

    It is Very easy to use and lathers quickly, removing dirt / food marks. It has a mild scent which stays on the baby clothes after wash. Recommend this highly for washing baby clothes. It is safe and best liquid detergent for baby’s clothes.

    Yati Pandey
    No Harmful Chemicals

    This product does not contain any harmful chemicals and made with naturl formulation. Good detergent for baby clothes and removes stains. It's an amazing wash for babies clothes. It keeps the clothes so soft and gwntle on skin.

    Best Liquuid Detergent for Baby's Clothes

    It is very Lite scented and removes dirt with small amount of liquid and the fabric of the clothes are as before wash. I really like this liquid detergent for washing my baby clothes. It is soft on my baby’s skin.

    Safe for Baby's Skin

    It maintains fabric quality & keeps it soft for your baby’s delicate skin.It’s anti-bacterial properties help in effective cleaning by removing stains. It is safe liquid detergent with natural ingredients.


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    Love love LOVE!!! Truly obsessed with doing my family’s laundry with KIKGERM.

    Radhika Merchant

    The fabric conditioner is to die for. Truly become a fan of their products since I started using.

    Sarath Iyer

    The fragrance is FAB & it cleans really well! Yes, even the toughest stains.

    Deeya Gone

    If you like your clothes smelling nice feeling soft after a wash, this is the detergent to buy.

    Rhea Kothari

    What a revolutionary product! Biodegradable, no-plastic & paper packaging!

    Lakshmi Walia

    Wouldn’t trust any other brand for my baby. This is the only truly 100% Natural baby detergent out there.

    Aniruddha S.

    This detergent is everything I could wish for – plant based, non toxic, gentle, smells great & removes those tough stains so easily.


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